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Achieve Your Desired Look with the East Asheville Medical Care Team

East Asheville Family Health Care is now offering women’s aesthetics services to help you look your best and assist with your sexual health and well-being. No matter the stage in your life you deserve to look your best and with our new services our medical professional team will help get your desired appearance.

Our face tightening treatments are non-invasive and are radio frequency based. Aging skin can do a lot for a woman’s psychology, and we are here to help. Don’t allow your skin to keep you from living your happiest life and let the medical professionals at East Asheville Family Health Care help with mental and physical treatments to assist in you living your best years.

older woman smiling

We’re Now Performing Women’s Aesthetics Services

These services are more than appearance modifiers and can medically treat specific issues you may be facing. Paired with the fact that these treatments are non-invasive means you can come in to get them completed and go about your day after we deliver them. East Asheville Family Health Care is happy to offer radiofrequency treatments and skin filler procedures with Botox and other fillers for the women of Asheville and Western North Carolina. Vaginal rejuvenation, skin tightening, and pelvic floor tightening are only some of the new procedures performed by the medical professionals at East Asheville Family Health Care.

Welcome FNP, Denise Hansen to the EAFHC Team

Denise Hansen is a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) who has recently joined the East Asheville Family Health Care (EAFHC) team to work on this new aesthetics service program we are offering. She has been studying aesthetic injectable therapy for the past six years and brings a wealth of knowledge to assist in our treatments for the men and women of Asheville and Western North Carolina. Denise has been working on educating our nursing community to ensure success with each treatment. She will deliver all Botox and other skin filler injections under the supervision of Dr. Early. We are delighted to have her as part of the team. Visit our private practice today to see how we can assist with a new aesthetic treatment today.

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