New Patients


Information for New Patients

East Asheville Family Health Center welcomes new patients.  The first step in becoming a new patient is calling our office to discuss a New Patient Appointment

For appointments call 828-298-7981.


 Preparing for Your First Visit

Before your first visit to our office, we ask you to take a few steps that will save time during your first visit with record details and allow for more personal time with your new physician.

First, click on the Office Policy page and read through our policies.  They will cover such areas as insurance, billing and medication requests.  If you have any questions, please note them during your review and bring them with you to your first appointment.


Privacy Practice Review

This notice also applies to the health care providers, such as physicians and/or their staffs, who are not employed by East Asheville Family Health Care, PA but participate in the Mission Health Partners network or Accountable Care Organization (ACO), to provide this care along with East Asheville Family Health Care, PA through an "organized health care arranement" under HIPAA.  All of these care providers are also referred to as "we" in this notice.  

Next, click on the HIPAA Privacy Practice page link below.  Our office wo  rks to ensure privacy and access control by our compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  As part of that effort each patient is required to read the Notice of Privacy Practice and provide a written statement that our practice has informed you of our policies.

To accomplish this, simply print the HIPAA Privacy Practice page, read the document and sign it where indicated on the bottom.  Then, bring the entire document with you to your first visit.

Failure to provide this at your first visit will require us to take the time to review the document with you again and obtain your signature.



New Patient Information Form

You can help maximize your time with your new physician during your first visit by printing and completing our New Patient Information Form and returning it to us prior to your appointment.  To accomplish this click on the link below, print the form, fill it in and return it to our office.  Call us at 828-298-7981for further information on the registration process.

New Patient Forms Packet